YouTube Keyword Research Ultimate Guide 2023 (Video Included)

YouTube Keyword Research Ultimate Guide 2023 (Video Included)

Boost Your YouTube Success in 2023.

YouTube Keyword Research

With our Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research for your YouTube channel and  Videos!

Unleash the Potential of Search Rankings and Maximize Views with our

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Included.

Stay Ahead of the Competition and Take Your Channel to New Heights!

If you are a YouTuber and wants to rank your videos top of the search engine.

You are at right place.

Here In this comprehensive guide You will learn.

Everything you need to know about video keyword research for YouTube.

Let’s dive into it

What Is YouTube Keyword Research?

Video keyword research is When finding words for your videos that will be used in your content like title, description, and tags.

This is an action that performs to get reach your audience.  

YouTube Keyword Research is the process of finding the right keywords to target for your YouTube videos.

The goal is to find keywords that are relevant to your video topic, have a high search volume, and are not too competitive.

For this, you need to make a list. 

When you have a list of potential keywords, you need to evaluate each one. Consider the search volume and competition level of each keyword.

Why Is Keyword Research Important for a YouTube Channel?

Video Keyword research is essential for any YouTube channel to ensure that your videos are being discovered by the right people. 

By targeting the right keywords, you can attract viewers who are interested in what you have to offer and are more likely to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Let’s discuss how to do keyword research for your YouTube video.

How to do keyword research for YouTube Videos

How to do YouTube keyword research

There are many ways to find trending keywords for your videos. Here I will discuss the top ways to SEO keyword research.

YouTube autosuggest

It is another best YouTube keyword tool that helps you to find the related keyword.

First, just go to the search bar of youtube. Write the words that you want to use. In my case, I am using the keywords “youtube keyword research”.

Here you can see the autocomplete suggestions from youtube. So your first step is done. Note down these keywords in your list.

For example, if you search a keyword on the search bar like this.

YouTube Search

It will automatically suggest other queries like this. So when searching for keywords you should add this to your priority.

Use Underscore (_) when typing on youtube search

Yes, you read right you can see the middle keywords by adding an underscore in your words. It will automatically suggest middle words like this.

If you use underscore (_) between your keyword you will see the other words like this.

underscore (_) between your keyword

You can add these keywords to your list.

Competitor Top Videos

As we know competitor research is important when you start something or even a youtube channel. So go to your competitor channel’s videos section.

Click on the filter and select the most popular videos.

You will see the popular videos of your competitor then just click on those videos that are related to your topic then see the title and description of the video and see what keywords they have used.

Competitor Tags

Competitor tags are important when researching your keywords.

Two ways to find your competitor tags

    • 1: Just click on the and right-click on the window click on inspect then find the keywords in it. Simply click on ctrl F and enter “keywords” and you will see the like this. I hope you understand if not then let’s move on to step.

    • 2. Just install the VIDIQ chrome extension and click on the video that you want to know the tags then the extension will automatically show the tags like this.

Your Own YouTube Analytics

It’s a step for those who have a good number of videos or subscribers. So if you are a beginner and starting your channel skip this step and follow other steps. So here’s the first step.

Go to your YouTube analytics, you will see the keywords that have been used by the audience to reach your videos.

You can take ideas from it and have the best kind of keyword research.

Now let’s move to the best tools for YouTube keyword research.

Best keyword research tools for YouTube Video

As research said keyword tools or planners are not 100% accurate.

 keyword tools are not 100% accurate

So what we should do here is the deal.

I know toolsets are not giving accurate information but similar to them they give at least some information about the words so that’s why the right use of these keyword tools will help you to rank higher on YouTube.



I think ViDIQ is the most powerful tool for your youtube channel. Because it has many features that will help you to grow fast.

Here is how to do keyword research on it.

First, go to the VidIQ website create your account and click on “keywords” then write your keywords.

You will see the best results it will show you the competition’s difficulty and search volume as well you will see the related keywords like this.

VidIQ is a Chrome extension that gives you insights into how well your videos are performing on YouTube. It also provides suggestions on how to improve your video ranking and visibility.

To use VidIQ Vision, just install the extension and then go to any YouTube video page.

The extension will show you information such as the video’s view count, likes, dislikes, comments, and social Shares.

It will also give you recommendations on how to optimize your video for better visibility.

This is a free tool but you can use the paid tool if needed. This is a paid tool that starts at $10 per month. And also offers a suite of tools to help you grow your channel and get more views.



If you want to make it big on YouTube, you need to start with the right keywords. And for that, you need TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is a keyword research tool specifically for YouTube. With this tool, you can find the right keywords for your video titles and descriptions, so that your videos show up in search results and get more views.

TubeBuddy also provides other useful features such as video optimization tips, A/B testing of thumbnail images, and more. There is a free version of TubeBuddy as well as a paid Pro version.

If you’re looking for a keyword research tool that’s specifically designed for YouTube, then look no further than

This powerful tool allows you to enter a seed keyword and then generate hundreds of related keywords that are perfect for YouTube optimization.

In addition to generating keyword ideas, also provides detailed data on each keyword, including search volume, CPC, and competition level. 

This information is crucial for making informed decisions about which keywords to target in your YouTube videos.

Best of all, is free to use! So if you’re serious about optimizing your YouTube channel for better search visibility, give this tool a try.

Ahref YouTube keyword tool

Ahref YouTube Keyword Tool

There are a lot of great keywords research tools out there, but our absolute favorite is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a powerful tool that allows you to research any topic and find the most popular keywords that people are searching for. 

You can also use Ahrefs to find out what keywords your competition is targeting, and then use those keywords to improve your video ranking.

If you’re serious about ranking your videos on YouTube, then you need to be using Ahrefs.

Google Adwords keyword planner

Google Adwords keyword planner

It is also a free tool provided by Google. You can use this tool for paid campaigns but this is also helpful for your YouTube videos as well your keyword research.

So here I will show you how to help you.

You can simply type your keyword here and then select region if you to select all locations then click here.

It will give you search volume competition. You can also filter your keywords like you can include and exclude some words from your keywords.

Sometimes you want to minimize your keywords so that’s why you can use the filter option.

Also, you can download your list as a CSV file or Google sheet it depends on you.


Ubbersuggest keyword tool

Ubersuggest is one of my favorite keyword research tools. It helps you to find the best keywords for your video.

If you want to find a shortcut I prefer you to use this tool.

It will provide you with information about Related, Questions, Prepositions, and Comparisons. Also, it will give you content ideas and the history of the keyword in the paid version.

If you are an individual then you can use this for just 12$ per month if you are for a business and if you have more than 1 website then you use this for 20$ and 40$ per month.  


Semrush keyword research

It is a paid tool that helps you much better with your keyword research. If you are a beginner and starting your career then I don’t prefer you to use this tool.

But if you are an intermediate or advanced level expert then you should use this tool. It also has many features:

    • keyword overview 

    • organic research

    • Keyword gap

    • keyword magic tool

    • keyword manager

    • Organic traffic insights

This starts from 119.95$ to 449.95$ monthly. It has many benefits to use.


Kparser keyword tool

Another best tool for YouTube keyword research. This is a paid tool. You can use this as a basic plan, pro account, and startup. You can use this tool mainly for YouTube.

This gives you an option like trends negative keywords and search volume. You can use this according to your choice.

Keyword Tool Dominator

keyword tool dominator

Great keyword research tool for your videos.

I suggest you use this keyword if you are a beginner, This also gives you an option like:

    1. Google keyword tool

    1. Amazon keyword tool

    1. YouTube keyword tool.

You can select one according to you. You can purchase this tool for a lifetime for just 19$. I think it is a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Keywords?

When it comes to ranking your YouTube videos, keywords are everything. But what are they exactly?

In short, keywords are the words and phrases that people use to search for content on the internet.

Types Of Keywords

There are many types of keywords:

But the most used are these 7 will explain about.

    • Short tail keywords

These are around 2-3 words it’s called the short tail. For example “Keyword research” actually has more competition and searches so at the beginning of your channel, you should avoid them.

    • Mid-tail keywords

These are around 3-4 words for example “YouTube Keyword research” This is called mid-tail keywords.

    • Long tail keywords

These are around 4-10 words for example “YouTube keywords research for your videos”  This is called long tail keywords. I hope you have understood.

    • Informational Keywords

These are keywords when searchers looking to find information or question.

    • Navigational Keywords

When searchers find a specific page or website on the internet.

    • Transactional Keywords

When searchers looking to buy something for example “best smartphones 2023” etc.

    • Commercial keywords

When a searcher looking for a specific website or page. For example “Keywordro”.

What is the best YouTube keyword tool?

There are several excellent keyword research tools out there that can help you optimize your YouTube videos for maximum reach and engagement. One of our favorites is VIDIQ.

VIDIQ is a powerful tool that allows you to research the best keywords for your YouTube videos. It also provides insights into how your videos are performing and what changes you can make to improve them.

In addition to keyword research, VIDIQ also offers some other features that make it an essential tool for any YouTuber, including video analysis, competitor research, and more.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool to help you optimize your YouTube videos, we highly recommend checking out VIDIQ.

How to find keywords with Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Ads Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding keywords that are relevant to your video content. Just enter a few seed keywords related to your topic, and the Keyword Planner will return a list of related keywords and their estimated monthly search volume.

You can then use these keywords as input for your video title, tags, and description.

This is the simple step first go the google search “Google keyword planner”. Click on discover new keywords. Type your keyword at the top.

You will see the best results. For example, you will see the search volume, competition, etc. And also google will suggest you the related terms at the top. Like this. You can download this list by clicking here.

How to Determine the Best Keywords for Your Video

Three things that you should consider when determining the best keywords.


The first is the relevance of the keyword to your video topic. You don’t want to use keywords that are not related to your video, as this will likely lead to a low number of views.


The second thing to consider is the competition for the keyword. If there are a lot of videos competing for the same keyword, it may be difficult to rank highly for that keyword. However, if there is little competition, you may have a better chance of ranking well.

Search Volume

Finally, you also need to consider the search volume for the keyword. This is the number of people who are searching for that keyword every month. The more people who are searching for a keyword, the more likely it is that you will get views if you rank well for that keyword.

Keyword Research Strategies

Identifying your targeted audiences

The first step in any keyword research strategy is to identify your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your video? What are their interests? What key phrases would they use to search for your video?

Find keywords

The next step is to find the right keywords. Another way to find relevant keywords is to simply think like your target audience. What words or phrases would they use when searching for a video like yours? try brainstorming with a friend or colleague, or even conducting a quick survey of potential viewers.

Is there a keyword planner for YouTube?

Yet, there is no specific planner for youtube. However, we use google planner for research but this is for the websites and articles. I don’t know where the technology will go in 2023 maybe in the future we have some keyword planners for youtube.

What are some common mistakes when doing YouTube keyword research?

People just go and find keywords for their videos but this isn’t good practice you need to create a strategy for your research. Some don’t make spreadsheets of videos. Listing fewer or more keywords in the list.

    • They don’t use their brain

    • They don’t add 20 keywords for each video.

    • They just rely on tools

    • They don’t watch the competitor videos

    • They don’t find LSI keywords

    • Keyword Research Strategies

How can I make my content more relevant to viewers?

First, try to find your audience. Try to answer in your video. Viewers want to have answers to their questions so don’t rely on one answer try to give multiple relevant answers in your videos to engage with your audience.

What are some good YouTube channel titles?

Research said that using “How to” and “List titles” are good for SEO and your audience. It depends on you what you will do according to your experience so if you want to use the best title then keep testing your titles and then you can finalize it.

How Much Should I Pay For My Keywords?

You don’t need to pay in the beginning. When you have reached a level then you can pay for the keyword tools.

What You Need to Start Setting Up Your Keyword Research

You just need to have a spreadsheet and an open mind to start your keyword research. Then there are a lot of ways that you can begin to research keywords.


I hope you have enjoyed Keyword research for your YouTube video. So use your brain as well these tools for video SEO. I hope you have enjoyed this guide about YouTube. Did you learn something new about keyword tools if yes leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get more information.

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