What Are Backlinks? Ultimate guide to link building

Backlinks are super important today. But only backlinks are not enough.

As Google said Content and backlinks are the two major ranking factors. And next is RankBrain.

Are wondering and want to know about backlinks? You are at the right place. Any of your questions related to backlinks you will be found here.

Research said 90% of marketers utilize content pieces as their main way to get backlinks.

91% of all pages on the internet get zero organic traffic mostly because they have zero backlinks.

You are probably getting confused about what to do, what should do Content or Backlinks.

After reading this complete guide you will know what backlinks are and everything you need to know. Let’s get started.

What are Backlinks and why are they Important?

Backlinks are the links that you get from another website. In other words, They are also known as incoming links or “inbound links.

For example, if you have a website and you add a link to my website then it means I got a backlink or vote from you.

Why it’s important because Google and other search engines consider backlinks as votes.

As a marketer you want to rank higher in Google, you should have backlinks.

As backlinko said, a website with a higher domain rating correlates with a higher ranking on the first page of Google.

Backlinks are the second most important factor.

Domain rating considered the number and quality of backlinks.

When it comes to Google you need to write high-quality content for a good user experience.

You are living in a digital world in 2023. And now all search engines consider focusing on User Experience Not Amount of backlinks.

A few days ago I wrote an article about “How to do keyword research in just 5 minutes”. When I saw the search volume it was 700 in the Ahref keyword tool.

And when I researched the competition I saw there are 3 websites that have the exact title about this keyword. And they have more than 1000 backlinks.

I researched the content and I wrote the super best article from them.

Then after 40 hours, I saw the ranking on google and I am on the first page and the No:5 ranking.

Do you think it’s magic, probably it’s not.

As I said I wrote a high-quality article and that’s why I am on the top without getting a single backlink. Let’s know.

Why high-quality content is important for backlinks

High-quality content is more important today.

It’s good to write 10x better content than your competitor.

For example, your competitor has 2000+ backlinks. Think how your competitor got backlinks of course for their content.

You just need to know about the sites that the competitor got backlinks from.

For this, you need to use a tool like ubbersuggest. Just enter your competitor domain.

It will show you backlinks like this.

Now you need to dnd their emails by using an email checker tool

Send an email like this.

Hey. Recently I published amazing content on [topic]. I noticed that you linked to a similar type of content. In that context, they missed [these things]. I wrote all of the things related to that topic. Can you see my article if you like it give me a link?


You can write as you want.

So high-quality content is super important today. When you rank on the first page you need to outreach anyone.

When people search for that particular keyword you will automatically get backlinks from them.

Research said that 91% of all pages online have zero backlinks pointing to their sites (uSERP).

Think they 91% of pages are writing quality content?

Maybe not!

Because quality content tends to get more backlinks than low-value content.

But only quality content doesn’t matter, think about who will see your content if you do not promote it.

In that case, link-building comes in handy.

According to research, 65% of digital marketers state that link-building is the hardest part of SEO

I agree it’s true. But later in this article, I will discuss how to build quality backlinks. Now let’s come to the types.

Types of Getting Backlinks

There are three types of getting or having backlinks. Earn them, build them, and Create Them. Let’s talk deeply about them.

1: Link Earning

This is called when you write great high-quality content and people and your content via Google search, social media, or from others. And they love your content and they link to your content. It’s called link earning and it’s the organic way of getting backlinks. How to write content that people love to link to when you read this.

2: Link Building

It’s also a second important type of getting backlinks. Many people actually don’t know how to build backlinks. They just watch youtube videos and dnd shortcuts and free ways to get backlinks.

Hey, You are not going to rank.

Later in this article, I will be discussing the best and most organic ways to build backlinks for your website.

3: Creating Backlinks

When you add manually links from other websites for example social media bookmarking, directory submission sites, blog comments, article directories, etc.

How to Create Backlinks

You probably heard the words like social bookmarking sites, directory sites, and article submission sites.

These are some types of creating backlinks. If we talk about today’s world or google algorithm these are low-value or low-authority backlinks.

Why? Because they are easy to create you just need to search on Google.

See the list of websites and just go to the websites and create backlinks in just a few minutes.

So think who will use google and who will see your website? Of course no one.

Because of these easy types of backlinks everyone can create and rank without quality content.

Types of Links

There are three types of Links:

    1. Internal (Inbound). Links from one page to another within your site.

    1. External (Outbound): Links from your page to another website.

    1. Backlinks. Links you get from other websites to your page/site.

What Are Quality Backlinks?

Authority sites

As (uSERP) said links from high domain authority sites are more impactful than lower-authority sites.

Having links from authoritative websites can boost your ranking in Google.

If you have a single backlink from a site that has 80+ DA. It’s better than the thousand links from lower authority sites.

When you get links from education websites or government websites these are the top high-quality links you get.


Because as we know google considers backlinks as a vote. When you get a vote from a random website think about how can google consider the link as a quality backlink.

And when you get a link from government or education sites like .gov.EDU.

These are the trusted authoritative links and probably these are considered quality backlinks.

Relevant sites

Relevancy is the most important part of backlinks.

If your website is about digital marketing and you get links from the animal website this is called irrelevancy.

Let’s take another example. If your content is about “SEO” then you got a link from an SEO or digital marketing website then it means you have a quality backlink.

Do-follow Links

Do-follow links are quality links. They allow search engine bots to follow the link.

On the other hand, you might hear the name no-follow link. Google and other search engines ignore these types of links.

54% of all SEOs believe that nofollow links are valuable for their backlinks profile. (uSERP)

Nofollow links look like this. For example, links for the below sites are considered no-follow:

Social media websites Paid Advertising

Press Release

Forum websites like (Quora) and Blog comments.

New Domain Links

These are the links that a website links to you for the first time. For example, if you got 10 links from A website they are not good quality links,

and on the other hand, you have 10 links from 10 different sites.

That means you have high-quality backlinks.

Anchor Text

When you visit a page or a website sometimes you click on a word that has a different color from what you see on another webpage.

This is called anchor text. Google said the correlation between your text and anchor text tends to rank higher.

It means that you start spamming every link you create about specific keywords.

It’s not something like that. When you get links from irrelevant anchor text it means you are creating natural links and it sounds good.


Getting links from high-traffic sites is more referring than to low-traffic sites.

Link Placement

Link place plays an important role. When you get a link from the main content of a page then it’s a quality link. Rather if you get the link from the footer or sidebar it’s not considered a quality backlink.

Types of backlinks

Guest Posting

Guest Posting/blogging is one of the most powerful and popular types of backlinks.

You can rank high and get powerful links from authority sites.

This is basically outreach to websites and negotiating with them to publish your article on those websites.

If you haven’t enough much time to do it. We will help you. We have high-authority sites for guest posting in 200+ niches.


These are also powerful backlinks to help your site better. As you may understand these are education-related sites for example Harvard.


Government sites tend to be quality websites. If you have links from.GOV sites congratulations.ORG

As I mentioned above sites.GOV and. EDU is the same value as theirs. You can get it easily.

Editorial-Given Links

When you get a link from a specific page or post on a website this is called an editorial gave the link. It’s a natural way to get backlinks. When you

write 10x better content. You might get these types of links.

Links from Traditional Media or Press

When you get links from newspapers, news, etc. When you or your website has popularity or amazing thing you probably get these types of links.

Internal Links

Internal Links are also important as other external links. As I mentioned before these are the links that go one to page within a site.

Links from complementary Businesses Within Your Niche or Industry

These are the links that you get from similar businesses to your business. For example, if your products are mobile phones and your second business products are mobile covers. Then they can give a link to your website and you can give a link to their site.

Links from competitors in Your Industry

You might be thinking why my competitor will give me a link to me. It’s just because when you are right. For example, if you are providing good quality to the users and you are popular in your industry then definitely your

competitors will link to you.

Niche Forum Profile Links

When you add links to the forum sites of your niche.

Social Media Profile Links

There are many social media platforms out there where you can create your profile and add your website’s link.

Social Media Post Links

You can share your website or post to your social media profile as a post and get links but these are called No follow links and Google doesn’t

recognize these links as good.

Links from Reddit

This is different from other social media platforms. You can add a link in Reddit but it requires a careful approach.

Links from LinkedIn Company Directory

It looks simple to create but overlooks the link.

Relevant/Not Spammy Industry Directories

There are many types of directory websites in your niche where you can create links manually. They are easy to create. And Google doesn’t

recognize them as good.

Links from Local Directories Links from template directories Links from Ebooks

Links from local News Sites Manual Outreach Links

Google My Business links

Links with brand name anchor tags Links with key term anchor tags

How-to Guide Links Resource Guide Infographics Links

Infographic citation links Links from Q&A sites
Links from emails Graphic Links Links from videos
Links from SlideShare Links from Reviews Links from WIKI sites Do follow Links
No follow Links
Ask People You Know to Conduct an Interview
Give an interview
Contribute to a crowdsourced or quote post Write a crowdsourced or quote post
Links to News Create a Tool Create a template
Links from Webinars Links to original research Links to glossaries
Links to your case studies Links your competitor have

Do backlinks still work

Yes, backlinks still work in 2023. As Google said, it’s the second most important ranking factor. So you should focus on both Content and Backlinks.

What are toxic backlinks?

Toxic backlinks are the ones that hurt your website ranking and reputation in Google’s algorithm. These are black hat SEO techniques that can penalize your site by Google. So you should avoid them.

How do you find toxic backlinks?

With many tools available online you can easily find toxic backlinks. For Now, I will be using the tool called Semrush.

It will give you a complete overview of your backlinks and show you toxic backlinks.

Simply go to semrush/backlinks-audit

Create a new project in the free version you can create only one project.

It will show you the exact number of toxic backlinks. You can see the URLs or Links and it gives you the export option you can easily save on your

computer as a TXT file. Now you probably think.

Free toxic backlink checker

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools. You can easily check toxic backlinks Here I will give you a step-by-step process on how to check toxic backlinks.

how do you remove toxic backlinks?

Removing toxic backlinks is much easier.

Simply type Google disavow links on Google search or click here.

You can see the guidelines for submitting your links. Now click here and you will see a page like this.

In this, you need to select your domain or website here. After selecting the domain you will see an option. Now upload your TXT file here and click


Link building vs link earning

There are many differences between link building and link earning. You can use both to rank higher on Google. First, we need to know what they are.

What is Link building?

Link building is the process to build links with others on your own. For example, Guest Posting and telling other websites to give links to you. There are different techniques by which you can build links.

What is Link Earning

Links earning is the process of earning links naturally from other relevant sites. For example, when you write a super high-quality article and people will like it. They will definitely link to you.

Here you can see the perfect example of link earning versus link building.

Benefits of backlinks

There are a lot of benefits of backlinks. I will discuss all of them. Let’s start.

SEO Benefits

If we talk about SEO then Off-Page is the second most important part and it’s all about backlinks. So no doubt backlinks help off-page SEO.

Improve Ranking

As I mentioned before, backlinks are super important. You can get a higher ranking on Google.

Get More Referral Traffic

You will get traffic from other websites.

Improve search ranking visibility

Definitely, with backlinks, your ranking will improve when happens your site will be visible more in search engines like Google.

More Revenue

You can get more revenue if your site is a business site.

High Domain Authority/Rating

Domain authority is the number between 0-100. If you have more backlinks you will get a high number.

Brand Awareness

If you want to market your brand business. Backlinks can help brand awareness in your industry.

Improve Credibility

Credibility is important for every business. Backlinks help you to create more credibility.

HTML code of backlinks

<a href=”” target=”_blank”

rel=”nofollow”> – Your ACME Website Winner</a>

Backlinks provider

There are many backlinks providers out there. But If you want to have high-quality backlinks you should try us. We will help you to earn and build backlinks for your website. We also have Guest Posting Sites of 14000+

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