Top 11 Review Sites for Guest Posting in 2023

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What are the benefits of guest posting on review sites?

Guest posting on review sites can offer several benefits, including:

  • Increasing your brand exposure to a targeted audience
  • Building high-quality backlinks to improve your website’s SEO
  • Establishing your authority and credibility in your industry
  • Driving referral traffic to your website

How can I pitch a guest post to review sites?

To pitch a guest post to review sites, follow these steps:

  1. Research the target review site and understand their audience.
  2. Identify a unique and relevant topic that aligns with the site’s content.
  3. Craft a compelling pitch email highlighting your expertise and the value you can provide.
  4. Include a well-written guest post proposal and outline.
  5. Follow the site’s guidelines and submit your pitch through their preferred method.

What should I consider when choosing review sites for guest posting?

When choosing review sites for guest posting, consider the following factors:

  • Relevance to your industry or niche
  • Audience size and engagement
  • Domain authority and SEO metrics
  • Quality of existing content and guest posts
  • Editorial guidelines and publishing standards

Are there any specific guidelines to follow when writing a guest post for review sites?

Yes, each review site may have its own specific guidelines for guest posts. Some common guidelines include:

  • Maintaining a professional and unbiased tone
  • Citing credible sources and providing evidence for claims
  • Avoiding excessive self-promotion
  • Following the site’s formatting and style preferences
  • Including relevant images or screenshots (if applicable)

Can I include links to my own website within the guest post?

Most review sites allow you to include relevant links within your guest post, but it’s important to follow their guidelines. Typically, you can include links to your own website in the author bio or within the body of the content if it adds value to the readers.

How can I make my guest post stand out on review sites?

To make your guest post stand out on review sites, consider these tips:

  • Create high-quality, original, and well-researched content
  • Provide unique insights or perspectives
  • Include compelling visuals or examples
  • Make the content actionable and useful for readers
  • Engage with readers through comments and social media

Are there any guest posting opportunities on review sites that are specific to certain industries?

Yes, some review sites may focus on specific industries or niches. For example, there might be review sites dedicated to technology, fashion, travel, or health. Conducting industry-specific searches using the search queries mentioned earlier can help you find such opportunities.

Can guest posting on review sites negatively affect my website’s SEO?

No, guest posting on reputable review sites typically has a positive impact on your website’s SEO. It can help you build high-quality backlinks, increase referral traffic, and improve your online visibility. However, it’s important to choose review sites with good domain authority and relevance to your industry for the best results.

How to Find Review Sites for Guest Posting

“Review sites” + “guest posting”

“Submit a guest post” + “reviews”

“Write for us” + “review sites”

“Guest post opportunities” + “review sites”

“Guest blogging” + “review sites”

“Contribute a guest post” + “reviews”

“Guest author guidelines” + “review sites”

“Guest post submission” + “review sites”

“Become a guest writer” + “review sites”

“Guest blogging opportunities” + “reviews”